We are Brand Ambassadors

Giving your brand a local presence, nationally.

NBG offers a great opportunity for suppliers to get their brands out to the national marketplace via a network of trusted local experts.

We are committed to supporting and promoting the supplier brands which support our Partners. We don’t operate our own ‘label’ or NBG branded products, ensuring our focus on promoting your brands with no conflict of interest. Our back office system has a whole module dedicated to promotions and special offers, encouraging Partners to support new and added values products.

NBG Partners have the capability to stock in depth, ensuring that products are available immediately in response to end customer requirements. Brand visibility and reach is increased through prominent displays and promotion, and Partners’ branch staff often undergo training by our suppliers so that an expert is always on hand to provide quality products which deliver the best performance for the right job. This means the end customer receives advice from local contacts they already trust, increasing buy in and ultimately sales.

In summary, NBG offers expert guidance and trusted advice, national visibility and reach, and a local ‘high touch’ presence on a national basis, to ensure that your brand receives increased awareness, buy-in and of course sales – and all through a single agreement with our group.

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