About NBG

Formed in January 2003, NBG is a successful partnership of independent merchants located throughout the UK.

Our members collectively improve profitability and opportunities for their individual businesses by committing to buy products together whilst providing an efficient route to market for suppliers.

The Premier Buying Group

NBG’s open and friendly culture, integrity in our approach to business, and strong relationships with Suppliers make us the UK’s premier buying group.

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Our Members

With over 80 independent merchant Partners trading from more than 300 branches throughout the UK, we are a truly national organisation.

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NBG is a single united force; a true ‘one person one voice’ community, which sets us apart from other buying groups in the trade. Partners benefit from centralised support, but retain ultimate democratic control over the Group.

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NBG’s eight Category Management Teams (CMTs) comprise Partner representatives with specialist knowledge and significant spend in the relevant product area, ensuring that our 350+ deals are negotiated and managed competitively, fairly, and offer mutual benefits to Suppliers and Partners.

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Networking / Community

Relationships are key to successful business. Our open and friendly culture fosters strong teams who are committed to sharing successful ideas and working for the benefit of all Partners… and who like to have a good time along the way!

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Our strategic alliances ensure that we remain at the forefront of developments in the industry, and are early adopters of new best practice. We also support several charities which provide support to those in the trade who have fallen on hard times.

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The latest updates on our Partners, Suppliers, events and industry developments.

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