Get greater support through NBG

Our Group is much greater than the sum of its parts.

When we asked NBG Partners for the key messages that they wanted prospective new merchants to take away from this site, the same answer came up again and again: our community.

Our Partners are fiercely proud of the group they have all played a part in creating, and have forged strong and enduring friendships along the way. We support each other; with advice, best practice, and proven expertise. As an £850m+ group, we are an independent national force; suppliers and industry bodies take us seriously, and are keen to work with us through mutually beneficial agreements.

At the same time, every Partner is equal, so everyone has a voice which is heard, and the group is committed to ensuring that all Partners have access to greater opportunities through their membership. It is in each of the Partners’ interests that their fellow Partners succeed.

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Our professional structure means that our Partners are supported centrally too, and can rely on a friendly and efficient central back office team which looks after the interests of the Group as a whole.

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