Boost Business

We work together and support each other - to allow our businesses to be the best they can.

Our approach means we share information, contacts and best practice, and combine our buying power for the benefit of all partners.

Business is boosted thanks to increased sales and growth as partners having access to better deals, more suppliers and a wider range of brands. This allows partners to broaden their product and service offering to customers, improving market reach and reputation.

NBG holds regular meetings and workshops to help partners to share skills, knowledge and expertise, as well as benchmarking and raising business standards and performance. Our size and scale means we have specialist merchants who focus on a variety of areas. Sharing market specific expertise allows partners to gain information and opportunities to improve their businesses.

Partners get practical help to solve business challenges as they can access knowledge and experience within the group to reduce risk – and save time and money.

We hold regular high quality events and networking opportunities to help partners build better relationships with key decision-makers in the supply chain. Understanding each other’s business objectives and requirements allows us all to work together more productively and profitably.

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