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We establish long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our approved suppliers

Our Category Management Teams comprise groups of product experts and brand champions, who promote the benefits of your products and terms to the rest of the group, to ensure the mutual success of the supply agreement. In collaboration with you, they will also monitor Partner compliance, which we believe is the best in the industry, ensuring that non-approved competitor brands neither dilute NBG purchases of your products, nor compete against your brand and product territory within their branches.

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Our vast UK footprint provides national exposure through a UK-wide network of independent merchants, trusted and depended upon for advice, service and expertise by the building trade within their local areas. An agreement with NBG facilitates your access to the key decision makers at each of these businesses to promote successful networking and engagement, maximising purchasing volume. Our Account Management structure and leading edge technology ensure that new products, promotions and initiatives are communicated and distributed throughout the entire partnership via a single point of contact, delivering efficiency and saving you time and effort.

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In return, we encourage you to invest in our Partners, providing them with the necessary support, resources and competitive terms to nurture optimum success for both parties. This is tracked through regular account management meetings, and joint business plans which focus on the fulfilment of both party’s objectives.

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