Saving Money

NBG’s primary objective is to negotiate competitive supplier agreements that are profitable for all partners and parties.

Combining our buying power allows partners to secure better supplier trading terms than would be possible individually. Each agreement is negotiated and managed by product experts, called Category Management Teams, who are well placed to get the best deal for partners. This streamlined process means everyone saves time, money and effort by sharing their knowledge - and the workload.

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The Hub, our business management portal, gives partners instant access to the latest information on all NBG agreements. It enables partners to make the best buying decisions on a day-to-day basis. The Hub also handles turnover and payment information, ensuring partner benefits are recorded and distributed accurately and efficiently.

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A Central NBG team is dedicated to supporting partners, making it unique in the industry.

The team offers a range of services including:

  • administrative support (e.g. cost analysis, negotiation expertise, event organisation);
  • financial support (e.g. turnover tracking, rebate collection and distribution, supplier credit monitoring);
  • technical support to ensure The Hub delivers the greatest benefit to partners.

The team's primary objective is to save time and money for all partners.

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