NBG Expertise

Being an NBG supplier means you will work with us – and grow with us.

NBG is the Premier Buying Group for independent builders merchants in the UK. We work with more than185 suppliers who deliver products across more than 350 agreements.

Our Partners are typically dynamic local businesses with a strong commitment to growth, service, quality, and innovation. Operating through a network of over 300 branches throughout the UK, NBG Partners are significant businesses offering a combined turnover of more than £950 million.

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NBG is renowned for its integrity, professionalism and relationship building among its Partners and Suppliers alike. Outstanding deal compliance is crucial to our reputation, supported by our Partners’ commitment to confidentiality and professionalism. Need any more persuading about becoming an NBG supplier? Try this:

  • Better deals: NBG offers mutually beneficial deals and shared objectives
  • Efficient buying processes: streamlined communication and financial administration via the NBG Hub
  • Strong deal compliance: accurate projected turnovers mean you can invest with confidence
  • Selective recruitment: we are growing our membership by market segment, geography and turnover

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