Greater Efficiency

It’s easy to do business with NBG. Thats the secret to our success.

An agreement with NBG gives suppliers access to more than 80 independent merchants with more than 300 branches throughout the UK. Access is provided through a single contract, a centralised payment system and structured account management.

Our technology drives effective communication with the group. It ensures all agreement information is accurate and up-to-date, and is communicated consistently and securely to the right contact within each partner businesses on a daily basis. It also functions as our central rebate management system, ensuring partner benefits are protected, collected and delivered efficiently and speedily.

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The system is administered by a dedicated, centralised NBG team who are responsible for ensuring consistent professional standards are applied to the management of all NBG agreements. The structure of our Category Management Teams means suppliers have a single point of contact for discussing new initiatives and products, and resolving queries, ensuring agreements are delivered effectively to partners.

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