Our Structure

We are proud of NBG’s inclusive, equal and open culture.

Supplier proposals, new initiatives, and key issues that affect the group are agreed by discussion and democratic vote. This ensures all partners are heard, promoting fairness and openness.

Our management structure and centralised agreement system ensures clear lines of communication, so new agreements are adopted rapidly and consistently. Suppliers benefit quickly from their relationship with NBG.

Our Executive Board

NBG’s executive board includes an independent chairman and nine elected partners. The board meets on a quarterly basis and it core focus is group strategy.

The Trading Board

Our eight CMT chairpeople meet our managing director and one executive board member four times a year to monitor and improve NBG’s trading strategy, deal support, and CMT processes.

Our Regions

NBG has five regions, each overseen by a chairperson and vice chairperson elected by the partners to represent their interests. The regions are: Scotland; the North East; the North West; the South East; and the South West.

Quarterly regional meetings provide a forum where decisions affecting NBG and its partners are made, new deals are communicated, and best practice shared. This ensures clear communication and partner buy-in.

Category Management Teams

We operate eight Category Management Teams (CMTs) which incorporate all of the key products groups:

  • Bricks & Blocks
  • Civils & Landscaping
  • Decorating & Hardware
  • General Building
  • Plumbing, Heating & Showrooms
  • Roofing & Insulation
  • Tools & Workwear
  • Timber

Each team meets on a quarterly basis to discuss the progress of existing deals, ratify recommendations for new agreements, and ensure agreements are being supported.

Each CMT has a representative from every region to ensure agreements are attractive to all partners. Each partner is typically represented on at least two CMTs, depending on their size and area of specialism / industry focus.

Central NBG Team

NBG stands out from similar industry groups by having a centralised team whose sole objective is to make sure the group works effectively to save money and time for all partners.

  • Managing Director: Our MD leads the formulation and execution of NBG’s strategy, which is in direct response to feedback from all partners.
  • Finance Team: Our finance team ensures all fees and rebates are calculated, paid and distributed to partners correctly, accurately and on time.
  • CMT Commercial Support: Our CMT chairpeople benefit from administrators who provide support, analysis, organise CMT meetings, and assist team members with day-to-day activity.
  • Business & Systems Analyst: Our hub analyst leads the ongoing development of NBG’s leading-edge technology system and provides user support and training.
  • Buyers: Our professional buyers support CMT teams to investigate new agreement areas, support new agreements and account management.

Our Systems

Known as “the Hub,” our agreement management system is a central portal, providing consistent, clear and timely communication to all partners. It automatically manages and processes rebates, delivering swift financial support. It saves time by reducing queries and ensuring effective data control. The Hub also offers a promotions and new products solution, providing ease of access to all offers, encouraging partner buy-in and take up.

Our Ethos

We are committed to delivering benefits to NBG partners and suppliers through a professional and inclusive culture, built on strong relationships and values.

Our Vision:

  • To be the premier buying group for independent merchants. We are dynamic, forward-thinking and innovative.

Our core values:

  • An open, friendly culture.
  • Integrity in our approach to business.
  • Strong relationships with suppliers.

Our History

NBG was formed in 2003, following the merger of three separate buying groups – the Scottish Independent Merchants Buying Association (SIMBA), the Chandor Consortium (South of England) and the Prospero Consortium (North and Central England, and Wales).

At the time, the three groups were independently run but had a shared business outlook, and joined forces to create NBG.

In January 2008, NBG was registered as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). The structure means every partner has an equal voice, supporting a culture of unity and openness. We are a not for profit organisation, with all residual proceeds distributed to our partners each year.

Today, NBG continues to experience strong growth with new branch openings and expansion into exciting business areas.

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