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NBG partners benefit from excellent terms, and reliable service and delivery, on construction industry key brands. Our suppliers benefit from access to a national network of independent businesses through a single agreement.

By combining buying power, our partners achieve more favourable supplier trading terms than they would on their own. Agreements are tendered on a regular basis (usually after two years) to ensure NBG’s terms remain competitive and fair.

We operate eight Category Management Teams (CMTs), which incorporate all of the key products groups. The teams comprise partner representatives, usually principals of their businesses, who are experts in the field. Supported by our professional buyer, they are well placed to get the best deal for the group. This means our partners have access to better, and more numerous deals, across all of their key products, saving time, money and effort by sharing the workload.

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As brand ambassadors, NBG partners support and promote supplier brands, and do not seek to establish an “own brand”.

The means end users and customers receive expert advice from local contacts they already trust. Supplier brands enjoy enhanced visibility and reach through displays and promotions, leading to increased market awareness and buy in.

We work with more than 185 suppliers across 300+ agreements, including suppliers who attend the NBG annual conference:

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