One of the key factors in the continued growth and success of National Buying Group (NBG) in recent times has been the introduction and development its industry-standard “Hub” IT system. The NBG Hub is now the central online resource point of the organisation providing up-to-date and accurate information at the touch of a button. The system also handles 100% of NBG rebates, a unique achievement in the merchant trade.

NBG is growing organisation and the Hub provides it with a modern, focused business platform allowing it to operate effectively and efficiently. It has streamlined the organisation’s work flow, minimising admin and giving NBG’s partners and suppliers a hassle-free, accurate experience of doing business with the organisation.

The Hub gives NBG members access to the very latest deals, promotions, products and news, offering improved accuracy, reduced workload, and significant time savings because the information is all real-time and calculated accurately. It makes everyday tasks such as sourcing up-to-date price lists, the latest deals and offers and, importantly, calculating rebates and managing orders much simpler. It can even be used as a valuable business planning tool to calculate future rebates so that partners can manage their business going forward.

The benefits of the Hub are not, however, purely for merchant partners. Supplier members are also using the NBG hub to manage business through the group better. They can see, at a glance, where spend is up or down so they can target their sales efforts more effectively. Suppliers know that their price lists, deals and new product launches are right there in front of the key people that matter so it is a really effective sales and marketing tool for them too.

As with all successful systems, the Hub will continue to grow and evolve – there are already plans for adding process management and tendering to the Hub in the near future as NBG continues to invest in systems and technology to make NBG membership not only profitable, but hassle-free too.