The National Buying Group (NBG) “Hub”, the buying group industry’s benchmark IT platform, has been improved to provide NBG partners and suppliers with even more business benefits and convenience. A newly-launched online tender system further professionalises trading within NBG in one streamlined, transparent process.

The NBG Hub is a modern, focused business platform and the central online resource point of the organisation. It provides up-to-date and accurate information at the touch of a button, handling 100% of NBG rebates; a unique achievement in the merchant trade. NBG is a growing organisation and the Hub has streamlined the organisation’s work flow, minimising admin and giving NBG’s partners and suppliers a hassle-free, accurate experience of doing business with the Group..

The new tendering facility on the hub is designed to make the tendering process between merchant partners and suppliers clearer, simpler, fairer and faster. All information on the tender is maintained centrally, improving accuracy and reducing admin. Data received back from suppliers is compared automatically to quick evaluate their offers before the final contract is then generated quickly and precisely.

Steve Queen, from South Lanarkshire BS Ltd, who heads up the NBG Hub Development for the Executive Board comments, “The Hub already offers NBG members improved accuracy, reduced workload, and significant time savings with access to the very latest deals, promotions, products and news. This new centralised tendering system now makes the whole tender process much more professional, transparent and slick and that means better, more efficient deals for our merchant partners. This is just the latest development in our strategy to make NBG the leader in technology.”

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