NBG has signed several major new buying deals with some of the building industry’s premium brands including Bond It, Forgefix, Gorilla, Imperial Bricks and Wykamol. These deals further strength NBG Partners’ buying power in key sectors and profitability across the board.

“Every new NBG Supplier undergoes an extensive period of in-depth and robust negotiations, says NBG’s Managing Director Nick Oates. “They must prove a strong commitment to the highest levels of product quality and the ability to deliver exemplary standards of service and support, as well as a track record of continued product innovation and the production capacity needed to meet NBG’s demands. This is in addition to offering a truly competitive deal.”

NBG’s new two-year deal with Bond It covers the company’s range of over 500 different high-performance building chemicals including sealants, adhesives, grouts, cleaners, expanding foams, fillers, decorating sundries, and landscaping products. Commenting on the new NBG partnership, David Moore, managing director at Bond It, said: “Given NBG’s primary goals include helping its members to increase their profitability and to benefit from the best possible business opportunities, any supplier looking to work with the buying group has to undergo a rigorous process of assessment and negotiation. We are delighted that Bond It has met the required criteria. That said, we also appreciate the hard work starts here. Our aim now is to build on this achievement and to help NBG members further their success and growth.”

Wykamol will be supplying NBG Partners with a wide range of property repair and renovation solutions including damp-proofing, structural repair chemicals, surface treatments and anti-condensation solutions in a 2-year solus agreement. “In 2018, we are looking at a substantial growth of around 50% with NBG, and the interest and enthusiasm from the Partners themselves has been very encouraging”, says Philip Charles, Merchant Sales Director for Wykamol. “As a supplier of NBG, we are confident that we can grow as a company, and in turn, we can help the members to expand their businesses with a new and interesting product range.”

Imperial Brick has signed a Secondary Brick Deal to supply NBG Partners with its range of traditional handmade, wire cut and pressed bricks, bespoke brick tinting service and coloured hydraulic lime mortar. Gorilla Glue has secured a two-year deal with NBG to supply specialist chemicals including Gorilla Tape, Super Glue, Wood Glue and Epoxy while Forgefix has struck a new general fixings agreement including its ForgeFast Elite Low-Torque range, fixings, nails and bolts.

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