In a unique setting and with an impressive programme of speakers and topics, the latest NBG Marketing Forum has inspired marketeers from across the independent merchant sector with new ideas, best practice and concepts to take back to their respective businesses.

Based on a theme of Building Brands, the NBG forum took place at JCB’s world headquarters in Staffordshire giving delegates an opportunity to learn about the importance of brand and brand management from the JCB team. In addition, the attendees took part in debates with experts on topics as diverse as CRM systems and gap analysis as well industry overviews from an independent merchant viewpoint.

The purpose of the NBG Marketing forum is to provided partners with a chance to share best practice and marketing solutions in a cooperative setting. “Sometimes independent merchants can feel like they are operating in isolation and missing out on new ideas,” says NBG MD Nick Oates. “At NBG we aim to bring members together in a number of different ways and levels to share best practice, pass on knowledge, and communicate freely in an open, supportive environment.”

Previous NBG marketing events, open to marketing professionals in NBG merchant member companies, covered topics such as merchandising, social media and optimising websites